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BUCU Weekend Away Feb 2014

We are a group of Christians, who are students at Brunel University, who want to “Know Christ and make Christ known”. We meet every Tuesday at 7:30pm (until about 8:15 – 8:30pm) in the Meeting House for a time of worship and looking at the Bible together. We then usually have a pub trip after (about 9:00pm – late) for a time of socialising; everyone is welcome – we’d love to see you!

We also run our ‘Coffee Stall’ outside Academy (the on-campus nightclub) every Friday from 12 – 2am, to serve hot drinks to people coming out, and help them get home if necessary. We’re happy to talk to you about anything – come and get a free hot drink from us!

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Latest News and Events

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    Missions Week 2015

    Our Missions Week was absolutely excellent, we had several comments that it was the best Missions Week in recent memory; we had lots of engagement from students, including at the Lunch bars and evening events. The theme for the week was "God Is...?" with a different word for each day, highlighting who we believe God is to us. Each day had a different colour as well, which made it really good for getting other students more interested. Go to our God Is? page for a run down of the events or read on for a short review of each day and some images.

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  • Text a pancake flyer

    Text a Pancake!

    On Tuesday 17th February, we had our annual "Text a Pancake" event, where people text us questions about Christianity, the Bible and anything related to our faith, and then we go out and give them a pancake and answer their question. We got a broad range of questions, from things like "How do you become a Christian and do you have to go to church?" to "If an all knowing God can read your mind, so why does he require you to demonstrate your faith by worshiping him?". There were also the usual less serious ones (which we still enjoy) such as "Is Jesus a PSG [a French football team - there was a match involving them on TV that evening] fan?". Overall, we received about 35 questions during the 2 hours or so. We really enjoy engaging campus and going out and talking to people about Jesus, it's a real privilege to find out what people think, answer some questions and clear up some confusion.

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    BUCU Carol Concert 2014

    Held on the 2nd December, our one-year-old tradition of hold-ing the Carol Concert on the Quad on campus was continued this year. We had a great four-part-band playing a number of songs and invited a number of people from various societies and groups around campus to partake in readings, including; Deaf Culture Society, the UBS (Union of Brunel Students) President, Sally Hitchiner the Chaplain, Christians In Sport and Brunel Alumni.

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  • freshers-2014

    Freshers Week 2014

    We had a very successful Fresher's Week this year; we had a massive intake of new Fresher's (around 15-20), who are all very enthusiastic in serving CU, which is excellent to see.

    Despite the excessive busy-ness of the week, the amount of preparation and enthusiasm that went into it made freshers a truly successful week that all of the Exec found really encouraging and fun - and hopefully the new students did as well. Below are some of the events that went on:

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    Welcome to the new BUCU website!

    Welcome to our new site! We built a new one because the old website, hosted and created on Wix, was getting quite inflexible and cumbersome to update. This new site is built on WordPress, and works fully on mobile devices. Also, we can now post news, so that surrounding churches, members and people at Brunel can easily get updates on what we're doing. We can also easily change pages for the time of year; for example, right now we have Fresher's Week, but soon this can change to a standard Events page, and then to Missions Week. So we hope you like it. If you see anything wrong with it, for example, a bug in the appearance or something that could be improved, just tell/email one of the Exec team and they'll get it fixed.